• DAPLink is a interface that connect between ARM Cortex microcontroller and computer, allow programming (flash) and debuging are easy. Each DAPLink interface consists three main parts:

    • USB MSD: Drag and Drop programming flash memory.

    • USB DAP (HID): CMSIS-DAP compilant debug channel.

    • USB CDC: Virtual COM port for log, trace and terminal emulation.

  • DAPLink interface is important requirement on development board that use ARMmbed - embedded operating system. In addition, it is really essential and useful for IoT developers.

  • DAPLink is an upgraded version of the previous CMSIS-DAP module.

  • Information:


  • Hardware design


  • Firmware


Note: DAPLink interface on the VBLUno51 board has been improved to support the UART hardware flow control feature, ensures data transmission intergrity (RTS/CTS) when using the Virtual COM port (USB CDC).

Date File name DAPLink version Download Link Description
16/10/2017 fw_daplink_vbluno51_release_1.0.1.bin 244 release_101 - Disable UART HWFC feature, compatible with nrf51822 target on mbed Online Compiler and mbed cli
13/10/2017 fw_daplink_vbluno51_release_1.0.0.bin 244 release_100 - The VBLUNO51 board id is 0xC006 in ARM mbed-os. Enable UART HWFC feature
27/5/2017 fw_daplink_vbluno51_alpha_002.bin 243 alpha_002 For testing

Note: When you buy a VBLUno51 board, the DAPLink onboard was updated with the latest firmware. If it is not really needed, the instructions in this section should be ignored.

  • Step 1: Unplug your VBLUno51 board from computer.

  • Step 2: Use the bridge to connect 1-2 pin on J7, switch DAPLink to bootloader mode.

  • Step 3: Plug your VBLUno51 board to computer.

At this time, on your computer show up a new partition with name is : CRP DISABLD.

  • Step 4: Upgrade new firmware.

    • Delete firmware.bin file in CRP DISABLD partition.

    • Copy new firmware (see the above part) file into CRP DISABLD partition.

    • Close that window.

  • Step 5: Unplug your VBLUno51 board from computer.

  • Step 6: Use the bridge to connect 2-3 pin on J7, switch DAPLink to interface mode (normal mode).

At this time, your VBLUno51 board is ready to work with new DAPLink firmware.

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