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Design a Heart Rate Monitor device with VBLUno51 Page
Beacon device with VBLUno51 Page
Measure temperature inside nRF51822 chip Page
Health Thermometer device with VBLUno51 Page
Communication between Smartphone and PC via “UART over BLE” Page
Controlling/Monitoring a device by Smartphone via BLE Page
Using I2C OLED screen Page
Using GLCD screen on GPhone Page
Measure temperature from DS18B20 sensor Page
Các mã nguồn mẫu cơ bản dành cho các Bot trong cuộc thi VNG Bot Battle 12+1 Page Cuộc thi VNG 12+1 Bot Battle - Đấu trường rực lửa Thông tin chi tiết về cuộc thi thú vị này các bạn có thể xem tại các link sau: Kiến thức cần thiết Các đội cần trang...
Flash/Debug for the VBLUno51 board by pyOCD and OpenOCD on GNU ARM Embedded + Eclipse Page 0. Note: This tutorial continues for Getting started --> Using mbed-OS --> GNU ARM Embedded & Eclipse IDE document. 1. Setup 1.1. Install pyOCD pyOCD is an open source program that allows programming and debugging of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers using...
Create BLE Beacons device with mbed-OS using the VBLUno51 board Page Introduction to Beacons technology You can refer to Tut 2 in the series Tutorials -> Arduino -> Tut2 - iBeacon devices with VBLUno51 and posts at the following links: An iBeacon device example using the VBLUno51...
BLE Beacons Page
Control a device by mobile application via BLE Page